Pricing and Availability

Q. What is Astaria's business model?
A. Early Access will be priced at $19.99USD. The price will increase to $29.99 when we exit Early Access. Microtransactions will come at a later date. (no power purchases, we hate pay-to-win also.)
Q. Do I need Steam to play?
A. Yes, you will need a Steam account with Astaria in the library.
Q. Can I play on MacOSX or Linux? Is this Windows/PC only?
A. Windows PC only. We have no plans to release to Mac, Linux or consoles.
Q. How long do you plan to stay in Early Access?
A. Until early 2020. We may delay some months but we're confident Astaria 1.0 will arrive before 2020 ends.
Q. Will there be wipes?
A. Yes mostly during early access and once during the beta before 1.0 launch. Players who participated will be rewarded.
Q. Will the game support other languages?
A. No. There is no plans for translation.
Q. Where is the game hosted? Will there be other regions?
A. The game is hosted and based in North America. We don't have the means to support multiple regions.


Q. What is Player vs Developer?
A. Developers will indirectly change the behaviours and goals of the enemies that players are fighting. You can read more about it here.
Q. That wouldn't work, developers would have to be online 24/7!
A. We actually don't need to be online at all. Server and client will provide us with data on a web tool which we will use to modify certain settings and events from. The Warlord AI System will take care of the automated spawning and moving of monsters. This will allow us to decide, plan and strategize against players to deliver a unique experience. Although at times, we may log in and use an admin tool for some interesting events. Yay! GM Events from the past!
Q. Is there PvP? Do you plan to add it in?
A. Astaria doesn't have any PvP aside from an arena you can que. PvP will not be supported.
Q. Does Astaria use classes or classless system?
A. Astaria uses Tanks, Healers and Damage Dealer classes. Players are bound by the class they pick. You can check out our classes page.
Q. Will there be crafting? If so, is it meaningful?
A. Crafting is a huge part of Astaria. Progression is tied behind crafting and recipes are locked behind enemy controlled territories. Majority of player gear will be crafted. We have an entire page for crafting.
Q. How many crafting professions can I take?
A. 2 crafting and 2 gathering. Chemist may only take 1 extra crafting profession. They're the only class with Alchemy access.
Q. Why is it players cannot solo passed a certain point?
A. Astaria is meant to be a different kind of MMO that focuses on players working together as a community. This also creates a difficulty curve where individual skill is trumped by group cohesion.
Q. How will you encourage people to party up?
A. There won't be any group experience penalty. You can gain the same experience from killing a monster solo as you would in a party.
Q. How many character slots will there be?
A. 5 character slots. We may allow players to purchase more later.
Q. Can players win against the developers if all territory is captured?
A. Yes, players can win or lose against the Darkness. You can read about it here.
Q. Capturing territory, wouldn't that be bad if monsters don't spawn? How would new players level up?
A. Player controlled territory spawn neutral monsters and have increases resource spawns. You can read about it here.
Q. If there is no PvP and I die, wouldn't other players loot my items for free?
A. Your body can only be looted by you and will despawn after 10 minutes (subject to change).
Q. Can you create a class as male or female? Are races class locked?
A. All classes can be male or females with any combination of races.
Q. Is there social functions?
A. Yes, you can create parties, form raids or even found a Guild. How you work with every player is the key to winning. 
Q. The game features a "linear power climb", can you elaborate?
A. In most MMORPGs, items and levels provide exponential power climbs that make you considerably powerful. In Astaria, you gain power in a linear fashion. This is to prevent players from ever growing too powerful individually.

Dungeons, Raids and Endgame

Q: What is Astaria's endgame?
A. Astaria doesn't have an endgame. Astaria is designed so the journey is fun all the way through.
Q: If players have no endgame, what is their goal and what can they do?
A. All players share the same goal of winning against the Darkness. How each player plays and contributes to winning may differ. Astaria has 3 main gameplay routes that you can do.

  • Combat - Most MMO players are accustomed to. You will fight against the Darkness for territory.
  • Crafting - You can pursue a less combative path and focus on crafting items, trading and supplying items to players who are fighting on the frontline.
  • Social - Organizing players, rallying them, setting up joint guild operations, trading information, or seeking hidden aspects of the game is also a viable path for players.

Q. Is there dungeons? If so, are they instanced?
A. Astaria will feature one massive non-instanced dungeon called Tomb of the Gate King. We intend to make this dungeon a massive undertaking that players need to prepare for. We want to step away from the monotony of easy dungeons that are spammed for gear.
Q. Is Tomb of the Gate King a raid?
A. Tomb of the Gate King is not a raid, you can choose to enter with a party, a raid or an entire battalion. TotGK has areas many different areas with considerably different threats and options. Some areas are better for parties while others are better for raids.
Q. If there is no raids or repeatable dungeons, how do you obtain the best gear?
A. Astaria gear progression is actually locked behind the territories that you capture. This gates progression behind teamwork and social interactions. Players will have to decide as a whole community where to attack and defend to value materials and recipes or other benefits.


Q. What engine are you using?
A. Unity3D 2019.
Q. Are you related to the Astaria-MUD?
A. No relation at all. Just names happen to be the same. PlayAstaria is completely unaffilated to: http://astariamud.com/
Q. Are you using assets from the Unity store? Is this an asset flip?
A. Yes, we're using assets from the Unity Store or Contracted Studios, mostly visual. They serve as placeholders. And no, this is not an asset flip. We wouldn't spend countless hours if it were. Making a MMORPG is not an easy undertaking.
Q. How come you guys aren't advertising?
A. Once the game is in a spot we're confident with, we'll push an advertisement campaign.

Anything I should know?

Not your typical MMO.
A. We're attemping something completely different and some of our design choices are very controversial. Understand that we're trying to be different from the standard MMORPG. Things may seem odd and uncomfortable at first.
Early access does not mean launch.
A. Astaria is still in early access. This is mostly meant for developing along testing while giving the players a taste of what we're trying to attempt. Please bare with us and be objective.
Astaria is still an Indie Game.
A. We're an extremely small team working on a limited budget. We're going to try and do our best to deliver a triple A experience but bare with us if some things don't look or feel triple A. We're not just making a game for you to play, we're making a game we want to play as well!