Liberation System
[Estimated Q4 2019]

Players will fight for territory against the Darkness. This is different from your usual MMORPG where zones are static and unchanged. This helps make a more organic and dynamic world.


  • First, a Campaign is established by the developers. In the future we may allow voting to modify campaign settings. Campaigns are expected to last 4 to 6 months.
    • Players keep all progress from previous campaigns. You retain everything from previous campaigns aside for some campaign only items.
    • Any placed Guild Headquarters will be removed and refunded the material cost. Objects inside will be put back into the owner's mail.
  • On server start, players will log in as if the game had just launched. All captured territories from before will be reset to their original areas.
    • Some settings that may be different are new items, new enemy types, different conditions on enemies, certain hidden quest locations and requirements changed.
  • Victory condition for players is to kill the Demon Lord(s). This victory condition may change in the future.
    • In order to kill a Demon Lord, players will need to first learn the weakness of that Demon Lord. Then players must draw out the Demon Lord by conquering enough territory.
    • The Demon Lord will appear and begin a massive offensive to retake territories. During this time, Darkness will infinitely spawn.
    • Players will have to slow down the massive push to buy time to kill the Demon Lord.
    • If enough territory has been lost to the Darkness. The Demon Lord will retreat.
    • Players will have to retake territory in order to try again.
  • Defeat condition is when the Darkness successfully captures the Elder Shard in Valerius. It's possible that this may never occur.
    • The Darkness needs to control all territories adjacent to Valerius for a certain period of time before the Siege may occur.
    • An "Omen" will appear and warn players that the enemy plans to attack Valerius in a certain amount of days. Players can break this Omen if all surrounding territory around Valerius is recaptured.
    • Once the enemy arrives, a special Siege event happens where endless waves attack Valerius until players kill all Demon Generals or 72 hours have elapsed.
    • If the Darkness breaks the Elder Shard barrier, the Elder Shard will be corrupted and Astaria is doomed. Players will have lost.
    • Campaigns that are over with defeat will simply restart with the same settings and may change slightly or not at all.
    • Subject to change: All players will lose experience and risk deleveling.
  • If players achieve Victory, Astaria enters a Prosperity Event for 5-7 days in preparation for the next campaign.
    • Players will receive rewards unique to the Campaign. It may be premium currency, special cosmetic items, an in-game title and a badge on forums.
    • Prosperity Event boosts experience gain, resources spawn rates, neutral monster spawn rates and other benefits.
    • Polls will be displayed in-game, players will be allowed to vote on settings and provide difficulty feedback.
    • PlayAstaria team will use the data and write them into the story displayed on the website. Future Astaria lore, media, and content may include or reference the campaign and the playerbase. *Names may be changed to make it story friendly.

Territories and Shards

  • There are 5 types of Territories in Astaria. All Territories have a Shard. Territory size is dictated by the size of the Shard. Shards may be Small, Medium or Large.
    • Sanctuary - These are never capturable by the Darkness except for very specific conditions. Starting zones and some Capital Cities will be considered Sanctuaries.
    • Controlled - Areas under player control. Controlled regions will spawn increased neutral monsters, spawn NPCs in towns, increased resource spawns and may provide access to other bonuses as well.
    • Neutral - When neither side has control, these territories generally have another faction in power that isn't directly friendly nor are they corrupted. Neutral areas may have default capture mechanics or special capture conditions.
    • Corrupted - Darkness controlled territory that is capturable by normal means. These areas spawn less neutral monsters, less resources, empty towns and frequent Darkness activities.
    • Darkened - Areas uncapturable by players until specific conditions are met. These territories are usually meant for final areas.
  • Territory Statuses help tell players what to expect.
    • Peaceful - Any territory not actively under attack or border any Neutral, Corrupted or Darkened Territories. Players may freely travel without being actively attacked aside from Neutrals.
    • Frontline - Territories that border Neutral, Corrupted or Darkened Territories are actively under threat of aggressive monster patrols, attacks or other threats. Players must travel with caution.
    • Contested - Territories with Battles will display contested status.
    • Occupied - These are territories under enemy control. This status means that players do not control that territory. The occupants will actively patrol these areas. Occupied cannot be contested without an adjacent controlled territory.
  • Battles are initiated by both players and monsters. Battles are centered around the Shard in each territory. Each Shard has a Barrier that needs to remain up or it will be corrupted. There are 2 types of battles:
    • Defense - Players will have to defend a territory's Shard from waves of enemies until a timer runs out or players kill the Demon General leading the attack. During these attacks, if the enemy breaks the Shard's barrier, the territory will now change to enemy control.
    • Siege - Players need to first defeat the Guardian(Arch Demon Rank+) assigned to the Shard. Once defeated, the Shard is only temporarily free from corruption allowing some time for players to begin infusing. Players will need to infuse the crystal to 70%. If players do not begin infusing by the time the Guardian respawns. The Shard will become corrupted again.
  • Neutral territories may be liberated if players reach a specific condition.
    • Neutral zones are controlled by Factions that may or may not be friendly to players.
    • Players may travel freely within these territories without incident.

How Player vs Developer works

Developers will control and lead the Darkness forces using systems and tools. This adds to the intensity and drama that the Darkness is lead by a Human.

  • Conductor System - A system that controls the Darkness like a real time strategy AI.
    • Conductor will automatically invade, defend and spawn enemies based on the behaviour or goals set by the Developers.
    • These behaviour or goals may dynamically change during campaigns.
    • Conductor will scale it's aggressiveness to the amount of players online. This prevents territory loss during hours when most players are offline.
    • Conductor may initiate attacks manually by Developers.
    • Developers may change what territories are valued by the Conductor based on information presented.
  • Developers are here to create a unique, immersive, challenging and fun experience.
    • Developers will analyze data fed from the database and player movements and give new directions to the Conductor.
    • Immersion is taken into consideration when we interact with the community through the Conductor.
    • Much like a Dungeon Master, developers want you to have fun playing in that Campaign.

*Subject to change