Monsters roam rampantly across Astaria. Monsters are either powerful enough to stand alone or travel in groups.

  • Neutrals, who are natural creatures of the land who are generally passive.
    Corrupted, who are tainted by the Darkness and aggressive.
    Dark Spawns, who attempt to draw more Darkness or Corrupted to actively attack.

Ranks - Monsters across Astaria are ranked by the Keepers so anyone who fought them could identify their strengths.

  • Lesser - Lessers aren't a threat to a player unless attacked in a group. Lessers usually only have regular attacks. Lessers are usually in groups or near eachother.
  • Fiend - Fiends are a bit stronger and smarter than lessers but still travel in mostly groups. Fiends have secondary abilities and have their own classes (Assassin, Tanks, Healers, Ranged, etc.)
    • Assassins only target 2nd on the aggro list or until a player nearby is low health, aggro is completely ignored if so.
    • Tanks are hard to kill and have heavy attacks that leave debuffs. The only type that can be a Large Monster.
    • Healers will heal and may use crowd control effects.
    • Ranged will always target the highest aggro but may use crowd control effects.
  • Elite - Sometimes leading fiends, sometimes serving higher ranks. Elites are vicious and strong. They can use special abilities and may require special conditions to kill. Elites may also come as classes.
  • Champion - Champions have special conditions to kill. They have special mechanics and can cast multiple abilities. They do not have classes. They may roam alone or with a group of lower ranks.
  • Arch Demon - Arch Demons serve as lieutenants or captains to Demon Generals. They may require a condition to kill. They are always accompanied by lower rank monsters.
    • Arch Beast - Arch Beast are the most powerful neutral monster you can find. They have unique abilities and require a condition to kill. They may be accompanied by offspring.
  • Demon General - When the Darkness invades or defends. A Demon General is usually found commanding from a forward position, camp or fort. Demon Generals can spawn Darkness every so often making them difficult to fight without a raid or batttalion. 
  • Demon Lord* -​ Demon Lords command multiple armies. They tend not to reveal themself as to keep their strengths and weaknesses hidden. Demon Lords have a very specific condition to kill. Demon Lords can one shot a player if the player is not properly prepared. They're never alone.
  • Dragon* - Dragons were once peaceful beasts who served Terra directly. After using her powers on the Yggdrasil. Terra has lost control over them, so they serve themselves. Dragons are to be avoided completely.
    •  Void King* - Keepers have reported that the Demon Lords serve the Void King. Not much is known aside from that.
  • God* - Gods are immortal beings with great power. Although the gods do have the power to kill each other and all of Astaria. It is unknown if Kael and Pontus will return to Astaria. Terra's powers are tied to the Yggdrasil Tree.
  • Cataclysmic* - There is no information on such entities.

* = Once killed, they do not respawn.