2021 Roadmap!

Hello Players,

I'm here to announce the 2021 roadmap. I apologize about not saying too much outside of discord but I didn't want to announce anything until I was sure that I was ready. First, development for Astaria has never stopped, just slowed down here and there. I'm here to announce a few things.

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Steam Early Access Delay - Once more, please don't murder us.

Hello players! Astaria opened a stress test for the public to test, we've received numerous bug reports and feedback. We feel the game is not ready for steam release just yet without another 2 weeks of good development and bug fixing. Until then, please have patience with us!


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Patch Notes - v0.81

Astaria v0.81

Patch Notes


  • Target bug has been fixed temporarily by removing the targeting ring due to not so performance friendly effects.
  • Proper full frustum culling now in effect increasing performance majorly. Game is now GPU heavy instead of CPU.
  • Monster models have been completely optimized to not affect performance.
  • Graphical blurs and issues have been fixed. The game looks a lot more sharper now.
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Test 3 - Patch Notes

Test 3 - Patch Notes

Main Gameplay

  • Manual attacks have been replaced by auto attacks. Once a weapon is equipped, simply right click a target and you will automatically attack for weapon damage. Speed is determined by weapon.
  • Stamina and Medical Supplies
    • Stamina will drain over time and food replenishes Stamina. If stamina reaches 0, you will receive a massive debuff that will likely kill you if you engage in a fight.
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Stress Test 1 - Rough Start

Even though we several hours later than we thought, we're finally here. Stress test servers are live as of 9:34 pm PST and the steam update should be pushed shortly.

Emergency Hotfix ETA 11:45pm PST:

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Final Stress Test Dates

Astaria Test Schedule

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Final Delay

Early Access Delayed to June 14th.

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Website is officially up!

Website officially launched!

The website is up, though it's been up for some time. We're just ready to announce it now! While there may some areas that are still under construction, these areas will come over time. Big thanks to "The Crappy Gamer" for helping us get this going. Any positive comments, feel free to shoot it his way.

What we're currently missing:

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