Astaria will be a class based MMORPG. In order to promote teamplay, they will follow the Holy Trinity (Tank, Healer, DPS). Players will pick one of six base classes: the Squire, Swashbuckler, Archer, Acolyte, Chemist and Adept. These classes are Tier 1 classes. After players reach a certain point within that class, they may advance to Tier 2 classes by finding the questline to do so. These class changes will have conditions and stat checks to find out if the player is ready to undergo advancement. Players who are Tier 2 classes can swap out abilities from the new class while retaining all previous Tier 1 abiltiies. Advancing classes allows flexiblity and choice. Tier 3 classes will also be available after release. Class advancements do not provide immense power gains but do provide a different playstyle or flexibility.


Adepts start with no magic and must discover magic on their own. Adepts may learn even more powerful magic as they advance to higher classes.

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Acolytes are magic based healers. Acolytes are the only class that start with magic. They also bring a variety of support spells to prevent damage or enhance it.

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Chemist are potion based healers but can expand their arsenal to support other roles. Chemist are the only class that have access to Alchemy.

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Archers are ranged damage dealers. They are the best at activating combos making them reliable damage.

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A melee off tank class that specializes in dealing damage and keeping multiple medium or smaller targets at bay. If left unchecked, Swashbucklers can deal a decent amount of damage.

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Squires are main tanks who specialize in tanking large monsters. While they're focus is defense, they may sacrifice some of it for more offensive abilities.

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