Tab Target or Action?

Astaria uses a hybrid between tab target and action based elements. All classes can manually attack or block to a degree based on their class. Skills may either be skill shots or targeted skills. In a future update, Astaria will move closer to an action combat system.

Tiers of Combat

  • Solo - Players may progress to level 10 in the first region playing alone. In order to progress higher, players will have to seek others to fight the increasing difficulty. [1 player]
  • Combo "Power Attack" System - In order to be efficient at combat, players have to activate power attacks off each other. The combo system requires two players activating conditions. A single player may not activate a combo effect. [2 or more players]
  • Parties - The basis of Astaria is to form parties of different classes to fight normal threats across the land. Parties rely on class synergy and group cohesion in order to properly dispose enemies. [2 to 6 players]
    • Astaria uses Tank, DPS and Healer classes to synergize.
    • It is recommended to party in Astaria in order to accomplish most tasks and defeat up to Champion Rank monsters.
  • Raids - Parties may form raids to defeat greater challenges throughout the world. Raids rely on positioning, tactics and strategy in order to effectively combat the enemy. [2 to 5 parties]
    • It is recommended to form FULL raids when fighting the Darkness or up to Demon General Rank monster.
  • Battalions - Battalions are used when multiple raids need to coordinate themselves against threats that require raid coordination and logistical support in order to effectively combat the enemy. [Up to 4 raids]
    • It is recommended to form Battalions when fighting the Darkness or up to Demon Lord Rank monster.
  • Unified - The community is encouraged to be unified in order to defeat the Darkness through grand strategy for control over territories and regions against the Darkness (who is controlled by a Developer). [All Players]
    • All players are always unified.


  • Physical - Damage - (Type Resist + Physical Resist)
    • Blunt - Blunt weapons deliver a 1 second stuns every 8 hits.
    • Slashing - Attacking with slashing grants 3% attackspeed for 30 seconds and stacks up to 6 max.
    • Piercing - Attacking with piercing types will inflict "punctured armor" which reduces Blunt, Slashing and Piercing resistances by 1 for 30 seconds, stacks up to 30 max.
  • Magic - Magic damage is caculated by Damage - (Element Resist + Magic Resist).
    • Frost - Medium damage, reduces movement speed and attack speed. May inflict a frozen status.
    • Fire - Medium damage but also leaves damage over time.
    • Lightning - High single target damage.
    • Arcane - Medium damage. Has speed increasing properties.
    • Nature - Low damage and immobilizes the enemy. May also interrupt spell casting.
    • Poison - High damage overtime and reduces physical resistances.
    • Shadow - Medium damage overtime and reduces magical resistances.
    • Holy - Low damage with specific uses for Holy spells. Effective against Undead.
    • Chaotic - Medium damage. Chaotic resistance is rare among monsters.

Conditions - Certain monsters have a specific condition to be filled in order to kill them. These monsters can be unkillable without that condition.