The Importance and Weight of Crafting

Players will require supplies and equipment since items drop on death. This creates a demand for crafters to consistently make supplies and equipment. Monsters will mostly drop crafting materials forcing players to seek crafters. Due to the weight of the items, creating a simple item may take 40 minutes. Removing items from circulation and enforcing logistics creates a dynamic relationship between players who craft and players who don't.

How Crafting currently works

  • Gather resources/scrap > Turn any scrap into full resources > Convert resources into material > Use material to create parts > Craft products using parts.
  • Each process may require another crafting station.

Gathering and Resources

  • You may have up to 2 gathering skills.
  • Resources spawn all over randomly but certain areas may have more concentration of resources. Once a node is harvested, they will respawn after a certain period.
  • Gathering resources may fail or yield a scrap instead. You will need to convert all scraps into full resources.
  • Max level for gathering is 100.
  • Gathering skills:
    • Mining
    • Skinning
    • Herbalism
    • Woodcutting
    • Fishing
    • Runefusing

Crafting Professions

  • You may have up to 2 professions. (Chemist may learn 1 profession only as they already have access to Alchemy.)
  • Crafting items will level your profession up to a maximum of 100.
  • Once maximum skill, you may advance to a Tier 2. Tier 2 crafting unlocks much more efficient recipes and potentially new recipes as well.
  • Currently known professions. Under each Tier 1 profession are Tier 2 advancements.
    • Blacksmithing - Creation of metal products.
      • Armorsmithing - Speciality plate and chainmail armor.
      • Weaponsmithing - Specialty swords, dagger and spears.
    • Lumbercraft - Creation of wood products.
      • Arborcraft - Specialty staff, wand and mace creation.
      • Fletching - Specialty bow, crossbow and arrow/bolt creation.
    • Leatherworking - Creation of leather products.
      • Leatherweaving - Specialty Leather Armor, bags and other.
      • Scalecraft - Specialty Scales Armor and Hardened Leather armor.
    • Goods Barter - The ability to perform trade quest for profit.
      • Exotic Trading - Specialize in trade quest that targets rare luxury items for profit.
      • Wholesale Dealer - Specialize in trade quest that moves massive common products around for profit.
    • Cooking - Basic food preparation for stamina refilling meals.
      • Serva Cook - Specialize in food that weighs almost nothing and restores more stamina. Provides minor buffs.
      • Artisan Cook - Specialize in high end food that provides temporary major buffs for the cost of weight and slightly less stamina restoration.
    • Alchemy - Creation of Potions, Vials, Flask, Poisons and Diseases. (Only available to Chemist)
      • Epidemistry - Specialize in Antidotes, Poisons and Diseases.
      • Transmutation - Specialize in transmuting potions, vials and flask.
    • First Aid - Creation of bandages and medical restoratives.

Crafting in future updates

Crafting is not fully where we'd like it at the moment. We'll be overhauling crafting in the future and potentially provide more addtional gameplay options for players who want to focus on crafting.