Available Races

The world of Astaria houses many races. Players will be able to pick between Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. Each race will have strengths and bonuses in the form of stats, perks, resistances and more. Also, other denizens of Astaria may react to you differently based on your selected race.


Humans are the first playable race in Astaria. They are fairly balanced in every aspect of physical and magical capabilities.

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[Coming Soon] Elves will arrive in a later update. Elves are stronger and more agile than humans but due to their dislike for other races, it's forced them into their own culture with little influences from the outside world.

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[Coming Soon] Dwarves will come in a later update. Dwarves have integrated themselves into almost all societies except elven culture. They possess high fortitude and are immensely resilient.

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