The beginning of Early Access!

The long awaited news. We're going to be opening Astaria on Steam for everyone on December 8th, 2019 @ 3:00pm PST. The servers will be live on December 6th 5:00pm PST for anyone who purchased the game via the website to "Soft Launch" Players in. We've been finalizing some dates and host migration to get ready to handle the server being online 24/7.

There will be an open test and a closed test.

  • Public Test will start November 21st to November 24th. Exact time will be posted a week prior. This means anyone with a prior key will have access and anyone who wants to request a test key will have access.
    • This test is to focus on server load testing. Our host migration allowed us to move Astaria to a better box. Originally, the server was hosted from a personal dedicated box in my own home (It was used as an ArmA 3 server with a 1gb up and down). Astaria Server has finally moved to a cluster of 3 servers that is horizontally scaled to allow for maximum performance of at least 10,000 CCU's. The Server has officially been connected to the website. Website transition to the new host will happen soon.
  • Closed Test for anyone who purchased the game will start November 27th to November 30th. Exact time posted right after the public test.
    • Players who have access to the closed test will be focused on testing the functionality of Steam and Website integrations. Our backend is finally fully operational to support accounts being made on the website. Registration will no longer be handled from within the client. It will be handled from the website instead. The server will check if your account is from the website database instead.
    • Game Packages for Supporters and Honored players will finally go out. Players can test redeeming them from the site.
    • Closed test will have a lot more content activated.

Steam page redo and Developer Gameplay Videos will be out prior to Public Test so you'll finally be able to share with others about the game.